Should you do a first look…? That is the question!

First Look… or bust?

One of the most common question I get from brides is “should I do a first look or not?”

I have been pondering over this “First Look” dilemma for some time now. I personally am a traditionalist. However, as a photographer a ‘First Look’ is an amazing opportunity for some prime bride and groom images before the ceremony. The question then becomes is a ‘First Look’ right for you?

I have created a list of pros and cons and a few questions to deliberate with your fiancé. I don’t think there is a cut and dry answer that applies to everyone.

The Pros:

While the time-honored tradition is to NOT see your significant other prior to walking down the aisle some couples choose to take some much needed time alone.

A first look enables you and your soon-to-be-spouse some time to calm your nerves together. Take a moment or two to yourselves and enjoy this special celebration of love.

Your wedding day can be extremely emotionally overwhelming and having your person by your side prior to the ceremony might just be what the doctor ordered.

Are you getting married during the winter months? If so, practicality of lighting becomes a serious thought. A first look might allow your photographer that much needed lighting of you and your beau before the sun bids farewell.

The Cons:

There is nothing like a groom seeing his bride for the first time as she walks down the aisle. At least that is what I believe. However, that might not be right for you.. and that is OK! Remember, you can ALWAYS change your mind. Right up until the very last minute. It’s YOUR day!

If you choose to do a first look, this means you will have to be ready earlier than you might think. You may have to adjust your timeline in order to make a first look happen. Both of you will need to be ready and have time to get to the location of the first look.

It is never as private as you might think. It might make you feel put a little on the spot. Yes, it’s you and your fiancé… and as discrete and respectful of your space as possible… the photographer and videographer and always a few lurking family members. Can you blame them?

Let’s Hear What Some of My Followers Think…

I put a poll up on my instagram stories and asked my followers what they thought about doing a first look or not. I also asked if they would be willing to share their story with me. Here is what some couples had to say about it!

Poll Results:

Poll results first look

It appears as though my followers are almost an even split!

The Word On The Street…

“We did it, for us I knew my groom would show 182993 times more emotion seeing me without the pressure of an ‘audience’ and I wanted it to be more intimate. I would not change a single thing, we both LOVED it. He was skeptical and our families were kind of annoyed but I nicely reminded that it’s OUR day. Those first sight emotions are OURS and real and we can do it however we please!” —@olivianaeck

“We did a first look and I’m so glad we did! We were able to share that moment with just each other instead of with all of our guests. I’m sure it would have been special either way, but it felt more special to have it just the two of us.” —@_dunbarmk

“We didn’t, just to be traditional. Haha, but we did pray together beforehand without looking” –@chanelynel

“Yes! To ease our nerves and have a private moment before the ceremony!” —@lauraxcfh23

“Yay, it’s a look that can never be recreated, on one of the most spectacular days days in their lives. When emotions are at their highest and their lives are about to change forever. Everything is written in the two loved ones eyes at that moment in time.” —@mahraki_llc

“We did not do a first look. I felt really strongly about this. I wanted the moments captured of me walking down the aisle and my grooms reaction to seeing me to be authentic. His face was priceless and I cherish that moment every time I look through our wedding album.” —@jsnap1

It’s Your Day!

All I can give you for advice when making this decision is that it is YOUR day. No one else’s! Don’t worry about the opinion of Uncle Vernon (any other insane Harry Potter fans out there…). It’s not his day… it is YOURS.

Do what makes it special for you!

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