Orchard Engagement | Walpole, NH

Orchard Engagement

I just love this location and for so many reasons. Firstly, there is a never ending surplus of location within to take my couples. From barns to stone walls, Alyson’s has it all. Blooming orchard trees in the spring, to drooping apple filled branches in the fall. I adore this location. You want a pond with a small beach… they have one. If you want rolling fields of grass, they have that also. Ducks? Never a shortage. Pumpkin patch? YES! The sunsets and golden hour atop this hill are coveted. When my couples ask if I have any suggestions regarding location of their session, certainly, Alyson’s is at the top of the list.

Meet Stacie & Ryan

From Texas to New Hampshire and finally California, Stacie and Ryan have a love for one another that follows them wherever they go. Stacie is currently a Registered Nurse at a Children’s Hospital in the Emergency Department in California where they reside and Ryan is a Controls Engineer at Tesla.

I met Stacie when she came to work in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit where I work as a nurse when she lived in New Hampshire. We became fast friends. Her warm personality and contagious laugh made it impossible not to like her. All Stacie would ever talk about was this guy ‘Ryan’ that she was dating. How much she liked him and that she wanted to marry him someday. Finally, I got to meet this guy. He is warm, just like Stacie and his smile contagious just like hers. They make each other laugh and from what I can tell they seem so over the moon in love and most of all, happy!

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Their Story:

How did you meet?

“Ryan visited his friend, in Texas, who is married to my brother. We went to the zoo together, sorta made eye contact and small talk. Then later that night, stayed up til 3am talking!” Sometimes you just click with someone and the rest is history!

Stacie and Ryan have been together just about 3 years. These two went to see Zootopia at the movies as their first date, yes a kid movie! Haha that just about sums up these two in a nut shell. Never too serious and always all about having a good time and making each other laugh!

How did he pop the question?

Stacie’s parents and best friend were visiting them in California her birthday weekend. “We had plans to visit wineries in Sonoma. Ryan scheduled a wine tasting at a castle, which was the first winery of the day. When we arrived, we took a family photo in  front of the castle. Then the two of us took a seperate picture and that’s when he asked the question! The video is great haha” How special is it that someone captured this special moment on camera?!! So AMAZING!

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What are some things you absolutely LOVE about each other?

Ryan, “Her determination and positive attitude.”
Stacie, “His adventurism, intelligence and sarcasm.”


What are some things the two of you enjoy doing together? Hobbies?

“We love being in the kitchen together as well as going on hikes and just being outdoors. We also enjoy traveling the world together.”

Where is the ceremony? Reception? Does it hold special meaning to you? How did you choose this location?

“The ceremony and reception are both in New Braunfels, Texas on a 52-acre farm. We met in Texas so getting married their just made sense.”

This venue is GORGEOUS. Stacie is originally from Texas and so it is quite fitting for their wedding to take place here. I simply cannot wait to capture this day! Above all, Stacie and Ryan are so excited to have both of their families and friends come together to celebrate their love for each other.

What style do you envision for your wedding day?

“We envision a rustic, laid back wedding where family and friends are having a good time!”

Do you have any advice that you can give to other couples when it comes to planning a wedding?

“Our advice to other couples is to do what is y’all want, after all the wedding is about the two of you!”

Finally, I would have to agree with Stacie on this one. It is YOUR day! I cannot stress this enough!! Make it what you want and enjoy this shit out of it!

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Location: Alyson’s Orchard, Walpole, NH

Wedding Venue: The Allen Farmhaus, New Braunfels, Texas

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