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Orchard Engagement I just love this location and for so many reasons. Firstly, there is a never ending surplus of location within to take my couples. From barns to stone walls, Alyson’s has it all. Blooming orchard trees in the spring, to drooping apple filled branches in the fall. I adore this location. You want […]

So let’s discuss this here session. This is Katelyn and her fiancé Austin. I work with Katelyn at my day (or rather night) job. We work as nurses in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at a large hospital. I love this girl. Her soul is pure and beautiful. Her fiancé, Austin is the exact same […]

Meet Megan and Ryan. Pure Magic. That is what this sugar shack engagement session was just chalk full of. I may have almost slipped and killed myself on the ninja ice hidden beneath the snow…. but I saved myself and all was right with the world. And we all laughed and laughed and were grateful […]

I am so glad that I dragged my weary self out of bed for this amazingly fun sunrise engagement session! Lately I am not a morning person at all. It seems since I have switched to working primarily night shifts as a nurse that waking up in the morning is the most torturous task on […]