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Pick The Perfect Wedding Photographer Picking your wedding photographer can feel like a daunting task! After all, this is not a session that you can re-do should you need to! Your wedding day only happens one time and you only get one shot (no pun) to pick the perfect wedding photographer to document it for […]

Engagement Session Style Guide What Every Bride Needs to Know  The engagement session is one of my favorite parts of our time together. It gives you both a chance to be in front of my cameras (yes I have two… ) before you get married. This is going to make your wedding day experience feel […]

A ZenBarn Wedding in Waterbury, Vermont! It was the perfect setting for their day. Katelyn and Austin are two of the sweetest people I have every met! I just love them! It was such an honor to share in their day. They chose the cutest little barn in the heart of Waterbury Vermont and it […]

Orchard Engagement I just love this location and for so many reasons. Firstly, there is a never ending surplus of location within to take my couples. From barns to stone walls, Alyson’s has it all. Blooming orchard trees in the spring, to drooping apple filled branches in the fall. I adore this location. You want […]

Fall Wedding at Cobb Hill Estate Before we jump into the details of this gorgeous wedding, lets talk a little bit about the Cobb Hill Estate. I had been to this venue once before. It was as a guest at a wedding a few years ago however, I had forgotten the beauty of this venue. […]

So let’s discuss this here session. This is Katelyn and her fiancé Austin. I work with Katelyn at my day (or rather night) job. We work as nurses in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at a large hospital. I love this girl. Her soul is pure and beautiful. Her fiancé, Austin is the exact same […]

Family portrait sessions can seem daunting to the parents of little ones. It’s easier said than done but I always assure my clients that the goal is to enjoy the moment and capture the memories as they present themselves naturally! This sweet family took my advice and we were able to capture some of the […]

Emily and Garrett hit their maternity session right out of the park!  Emily is just GLOWING and the way her husband looks at her is absolute love in its truest form. Her maternity images are breath taking and I can hardly stand it! Emily had her heart set on a beach session originally, however the […]

Let’s be real for a moment. The weather here in New England has been far less than ideal. In fact I had to reschedule with this fabulous family THREE times! I don’t know about you all but I have had it up to my eyeballs with the grey and the snow! When the weather finally […]

Alice In Wonderland was a childhood favorite of mine as well as my good friend Leah. As adults I find we look back fondly on fairytale legends with an appreciation that we once did not have. I think Leah and I were looking for a creative outlet and stumbled upon an amazing opportunity. A publisher […]