Baby’s First Year….The Real Story

The precious moments of babyhood just fly by. Gone in an instant, or so it seems. Here is how to capture Baby’s First Year, as it really happens.

The trials an tribulations of becoming a mother for the first time is never something anyone can prepare you for. Baby’s first year roars by and then…. it’s over. We are left sometimes feeling a loss. Mourning an amazing milestone we were too exhausted to appreciate fully. All of the first…. which are also lasts.

I remember feeling so sad the moment I realized that my daughter wasn’t a baby anymore. When I realized the bulk of those precious firsts that we take for granted had passed me by I remember wishing I could go back and really revel in it.

I want to help you enjoy those moments!

I wondered how I could help families really enjoy the big milestones of the first year. Baby’s First Year….The Real Story is something that will allow you to do just that. Be present. Enjoy the laughs, the smiles, the firsts. Watch with your own eyes those first steps your child takes. Sit with your baby and savor new foods for the first time together. Whatever those milestones are.

Baby's First Haircut, The Barbery, Keene NH
Bring distractions to keep your child busy during baby's first haircut.
what an amazing thing to be in the moment with your child, this is the real story.
happy haircut snuggles and lollipops are the perfect combo for your baby's firsts.

These are moments you will want to revisit and this allows you to do so!

When we meet to chat about your package options I will help you choose the moments that are the most precious to you and your family.

Baby’s First Year…The Real Story will be documented for you to revisit as often as you want. Your child will have these memories to look back on and see that you were right there with them, one foot in front of the other.

being present in the moment with your child during you baby's first haircut
first haircuts to be enjoyed by all when parents can relax and enjoy the experience also

Reach out and let’s chat. I want to create magic with you and your family and help you develop your legacy. Don’t wait for these moments to pass you by! If you would like to see some of my work, take a moment and check out the website!

The Barbery, Keene NH

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