Katelyn & Austin | Surry, NH

So let’s discuss this here session. This is Katelyn and her fiancé Austin. I work with Katelyn at my day (or rather night) job. We work as nurses in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at a large hospital. I love this girl. Her soul is pure and beautiful. Her fiancé, Austin is the exact same only the male version. How can two people be so perfect for one another, I wondered. I knew the answer. Have you ever heard of the Greek mythology story about Zeus and Apollo and how the term soulmates came to be?

If you don’t let me tell you.

According to Greek mythology, there was a time when humans actually had two faces, each facing opposite directions, two pairs of arms and two pairs of legs. Zeus and Apollo cut them in half leaving them each with one face, one set of arms and one set of legs. Since then, we humans are continually looking for our other half. Our Soulmate, or our Sole mate. Of course this is a much simpler version of the story. If you like Greek Mythology as much as I do (my husband is Greek) you can read a more detailed version here.

I think Katelyn and Austin have each found their soulmate in each other. There love is palpable when near them. Its authentic and raw. They bring out the best in each other. They are supportive and sweet.

I just absolutely LOVED capturing their love for each other during this session and I can not wait for their wedding day. I wish them all the happiness from now until the end of time.

As an artist I struggle between wanting to be consistent with my photography style for my clients sake and wanting to break out of the box a little. I have a typical way that I usually edit my images. I would say its light and airy. However I have also always been drawn towards a more moody and darker look. More like that of film. I have a love affair with this film style photo edit. I mean, that is what I was born and raised shooting. Film. Sigh.

So this time I went with my gut. I trusted in the process and decided to try something a little outside of my norm. I asked Katelyn and Austin for their blessing and trust in my skill.

I edited these images in a way that spoke to their heart from mine.


Surry, New Hampshire engagement session

Fields engagement photography

authentic engagement New Hampshire

outdoor sunset engagement session

raw love sunset portraits

love field outside engagement photography

New Hampshire portraits in hats

fields of wild flowers New Hampshire engagement

engagement portraits jeans and hats

engagement ring rustic New Hampshire

soulmate engagement ring field

taking the plunge in New Hampshire



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